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Houses & Designs

Secure Housing Australia Pty. Ltd. facilitates Forever homes for single and multiple Participants in all 4 categories

Improved Livability

Fully Accessible


High Physical Support

Our homes have been specifically designed to be resident focused with an emphasis on larger bedrooms with ensuites, private courtyards, wider doorways and passageways, sprinklers, overnight carers room, and of course step free entry from the street, giving residents a wonderful feeling of peace and security.

All 4 categories of design meet the requirements of Livable Housing Australia levels. 

Each home is certified & enrolled by the NDIS as compliant properties for SDA residents, with each issued with SDA ‘as built’ Compliance Assessments.

To ensure all compliance issues are met, all homes are built by the specialist building company Coliving Australia Pty.Ltd (  who are completely responsible for design and construction of all disability Forever Homes.

We will be pleased to hear from you to let us know where you would like to live, and most importantly whom you are happy to live with to ensure compatibility.

Discover our latest home in Bendigo, built for 3 participants  incorporating the 7 core design features of Improved Livability standards.