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Largest social housing program in Australian history.

Investing for Social Impact

Please feel free to call and discuss varied and different Investment opportunities offered by Secure Housing.

An estimated 28,000 people with disability require Specialist Disability Housing (SDA) to be built and will be backed by an NDIS & CENTRELINK funding stream, to build new accessible and affordable housing for Australians living with a disability. Increasing annually, SDA Property Investments will continue to grow.

The NDIS Commonwealth Government legislated scheme includes generous funding to encourage investment in SDA property known as Specialist Disability Allowance (SDA) . The Federal Government has announced all people under 45 currently in Nursing homes will be placed into SDA Housing within 3 years, and all people under 65 into SDA housing within 6 years.

The Federal Government has committed $700 million annually for payments to SDA Property Investors each year, indexed for the next 20 years.

To encourage Investment in SDA housing the generous Government subsidy is considered the largest social housing program in Australian history.

The NDIS Bi-Partisan Federal Government Agreement will run for a minimum of 20 years with a current budget of $22 billion annually funded through the Medicare levy.

Secure Housing Australia works directly with NDIS Providers, Sil’s, Participants and the general community to establish exactly what type of SDA properties match the demand.